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Argument Essay - Cyber Children

            "Mom, can I get a Facebook? All my friends have one!" In today's society, the Internet serves as the new way of connection. We can share funny photos, keep in contact with friends, and meet new people. The internet is an endless source of information that is evidently useful, the internet holds the answer to almost every unanswered question that exists, keeping children away from the ability to answer their own questions is unfair and overly controlling, and for these reasons shouldn't be regulated. Although the Internet has an endless supply of information, which is mainly useful, it is also dangerous. Children can be exposed to inappropriate content ranging for sexual to misleading. Children are at the peak in their life where other people's options don't matter yet, and the expectations of life are simplistic. When a child has an unregulated access to online information the innocents, an almost immortality of awareness, diapers. Through the Internet children are exposed to content they should never be. By regulating the content a child sees on the Internet we can avoid the risks of children being cyber- bullied, influenced by negative role models, and prevent connections that can cause harm to a child's privacy. .
             Many believe that regulating the Internet is unrealistic and unneeded in regards to a child's exposure. Children are exposed to a wide variety of information both sexual and misleading every day, at school, home and on the school bus. Regulating the Internet takes away a child's curiosity and ability to educate them when they feel best. In the article "The Association between internet parenting styles and children's use of the Internet at home" Johnson states, "Research demonstrates that the Internet provides children with plenty of opportunities for communication, access to information, and chances to engage in interactive play" (Johnson, par.

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