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Sonnet 18 and Suburban Sonnet

            Explain how two poems you have studied have conformed to the form or sub-genre in which they were written and how that has affected your reading of the poems.
             Poetry is a genre of literature where the expression of feelings and ideas is given intensely by use of distinctive style and rhythm. My understanding of form and sun-genre have helped to form/shape my reading of Shakespeare's "Sonnet 18" and Gwen Harwood's "Suburban Sonnet". "Suburban Sonnet" and "Sonnet 18" conforms to the sub-genre of a sonnet through the use of specific generic poetic conventions to put forward the ideas of eternal love and immortal beauty, the stressful trap, role and unwanted stress of motherhood. My readings of the poems have been affected through poetic conventions and techniques, which has allowed me to get a deeper understanding of the ideas presented and develop my reading.
             Body Paragraph One.
             My understanding of form and sub-genre have helped to form my reading of Shakespeare's "Sonnet 18". The main ideas presented in the poem is eternal love and immortal beauty. My reading of "Sonnet 18" is that its a poem that shows the powerful nature of language, through its ability to immortalise human beauty. This poem conforms to the sub-genre of a sonnet through the use of the common techniques of language and meter. The author has written the poem in iambic pentameter and has used a couplet as part of the language and structure. "So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see, So long lives this, and this gives life to thee" is the last two lines of the poem also known as the rhyming couplet which presents the reader with the idea that as long as the poem is retold her beauty will be immortalised and become eternal. Overall Sonnet 18 has conformed to the form and sub-genre of a sonnet through its structure. It has presented the main idea that love is eternal and beauty can be immortalised through language and meter.

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