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Senator Heller Home Style

            I am Senator Dean Heller, a representative of the Republican Party of the state of Nevada. I will be describing today how I represent my constituency at home and in Washington DC. There are many styles used by my fellows constituents assembly to accomplish their goals of being elected and re-elected to a public office in the United States and I have my to create and increment my own style due to a constant increase in the population of Nevada in the last few decades and its diversity. My home style is based upon my character, my congressional district and the people that I represent.
             I represent the second congressional district of Nevada. This district is in the north part of the State with a vast rural area of mostly farmers. The area of my district that is mostly populated is on the northwest side of Nevada, containing Reno and Carson City. The farmers living in this area are my people, the ones that I know that will vote for me and I will work for them. They are my strongest supporters. These hard working people in this district need someone to represent them on the same level of the hard work they do. I grew up here, most of people know that I represent them and I know how hard they work everyday. I want them to trust me to represent them in Washington DC and they know that I can do a good job in representing them.
             My introverted personality does not allow me to be doing big speeches everyday but instead, I get together with my supporters in small and informal groups. I talk to them about subjects that matter to them. When I walk on this side of the state, I feel like home. I can be here for many hours and feel connected to them. We all know what is needed around here. We discuss projects that need to be done to improve this area and the people that live here. We talk about their family, the problems they are facing and the good times they are having. I talk to them about my future projects for the community and about the past ones, so they would know the work I am getting done.

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