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Jacksonian Democracy

            Andrew Jackson, or Old Hickory was the home grown war hero, and this is what people liked about him. Some people enjoyed Jackson's rough and tumble style, while others could not stand it. One of these people would be Henry Clay, and these feelings were something he could not compromise on.
             In the election of 1824, also known as the "Corrupt Bargain", there were four main candidates, Jackson, Clay, Crawford, and Adams. Jackson received the most popular and electoral votes, but failed to get the majority of the Electoral College. When this vote went to the House of Representatives, Clay was eliminated, but he was speaker of the house allowing him to give his support to Adams. This support gained Clay the title of Secretary of State which is the stepping stone to president. Jackson smelled something fishy, and cried Corrupt Bargain. But, in his next presidential run, he was successful, gaining the title of President. Jackson had already faced many illnesses and also had two bullets lodged inside of him. When first elected, he held a party at the white house and had spiked punch. Much white house china was destroyed, earning him the name "King Mob". Jackson also believed in the "Spoils System", even though he did think experience was important, loyalty meant much more. Jackson represented the rough and tumble folk hero. Jackson had many enemies, including John Adams. When Jackson proposed the Tariff of 1828, an attempt to give Adams a political black eye, it completely failed, passing and ridiculously raising tariffs, making the Jacksonians upset. But over time, this would be counteracted by the tariff of 1832, which lowered the 45% tariff to 35%. All of these tariffs made people very upset, and they decided to nullify them. Words of secession also were murmured, and when Jackson heard about these, he threatened to crush whoever might oppose "King Jackson".

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