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English as the Global Lingua Franca

            Communication is the human connector; it is the key to successfully accomplishing anything in humanity. To communicate effectively, we must realize that we all perceive the world differently and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others. Everyone approaches the communication process with a slightly altered background; therefore to avoid misunderstanding and better connect others, it seems only logical to implement a universal language. Since there is no discernible coercion, I believe that English should become the global lingua franca. .
             Thanks to globalization, the need for some world-wide lingua franca is more pressing than it ever was in the past. With the internationalisation of higher education, it's only a matter of time before one language emerges as the dominant language of research and instruction. After World War 2, the military, economic, scientific and technological supremacy of America became apparent. During this time, American popular culture was also gaining worldwide acknowledgement and admiration, and a few decades later the American media managed to attain a global domination on world popular culture. On top of all of this, after the fall of communism, the United States has remained the only superpower, and American supremacy has remained unchallenged ever since, despite terrorism. In the article "Should the World Rely on English as a Lingua Franca?" they state that English has, in effect of their supremacy, become the "international language of science and technology, commerce and diplomacy, tourism and travel." Along with that, English is now the first source for new phrases and or slang in most languages, and it is also currently ranked as the most-used internet language. All of that being said, English is already a popular language, spoken by individuals of diverse backgrounds and as time goes on it shall continue to maintain its popularity and authority, if not grow even more prominent.

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