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The Chancellor of Great Britain

            The Chancellor of Great Britain, Sutler, orders the crush of anyone who will speak against the government that is a clear indication of fear and terror. The fact that Sutler is willing to do anything, to capture V, who is the one injecting dissent in Great Britain, even to the extent of having his party scolded every time especially the party leader-Mr. Creedy is also an indication of fear. The high chancellor ordered Gordon Deitrich's execution after a satire tv show that made fun of the high chancellor. The government prohibits the Qur'an, as well as subversive paintings and homoerotic photograph which are forbidden by the government. This prohibition of certain materials are examples of how the government uses censorship to limit deliberately what the public will see to maintain power. Denial of basic human equality is when Muslims and other people of the society considered as "undesirable" were sent to concentration camps. The promotion of hatred to a particular group in society, scapegoating, or direction of popular discontent is another technique of dictatorship. The Norsefire party came to power after the death of 100,00 people and out of fear from the escalating St. Mary's virus. This one party rule by the Norsefire party is another technique/principle of dictatorship to keep in power.
             Repression of Individualism.
             When Evey came out of her place while she's out past the curfew, she was coerced by the "Finger men." Implementation of curfew hours represses liberalism of individuals because they do not have the freedom to go anywhere, and anytime they wish. Gordon Dietrich's satire tv show against the high chancellor made the government order Gordon's execution. In a society where you cannot express everything you want, you are also being repressed from your individualism. The government under the high chancellor prohibits the Qur'an, subversive paintings, and homoerotic paintings that are examples of how the government censors what you are only allowed to see.

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