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Michigan and the Grey Wolves

            The grey wolf is a staple of Michigan's wildlife, it an iconic animal for the state of Michigan, that was almost whipped off the face of the earth due to improper hunting of the animal. The improper hunting left only 6 wolves remaining in the wild. In 1973 congress created an endangered species list, the grey wolf was put on that list which meant they were no longer allowed to be hunted. By 2007, the population grew to over 500 in the Upper Peninsula. The specie made a remarkable comeback but also started to effect famer's lively hood by attacking livestock and domestic animals.
             In December 2012, Gov. Rick Snyder signed a bill that would allow the grey wolf to become a seasonal hunting species again, known as Public Act 520, activist came together to put a stop to the bill. Knowing the bill might be overturn, State Sen. Tom Casperson, introduced a new bill that would give the right to the Natural Resources Commission the authority to designate animals as game species without legislative approval. Gov. Rick Snyder signed the bill in May 2013 known as Public act 21. As a result wolf hunts took place in November and December that killed Twenty-two wolves. The activist came together again and got enough signatures to bring to a vote in November 2014.
             The economic impact of wolf hunting can bring added revenue to a state that desperately needs it. the sale of licenses and permits to hunt on certain land, where the hunts take place can bring some added money to that part of the state that's is in economical ruins. By allowing the hunts it also helps keep the wolf population within a margin. Overpopulation can be a disaster in terms of other species becoming endangered from the wolves eating up their resources of food, famer's losing livestock, and wolves becoming a danger to the public. .
             The government always has to manage their population of animals, the biggest issue is not overpopulation of a given breed, and it the lack of supervision of a species that have a consentient decline in number and no action taking place.

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