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Literary Devices of Langston Hughes

            As time passes by, tragic events transpire to the point where individuals create stories that make a reference to that particular significant event. One of them includes Langston Hughes, a widely known American poet that contributed to the notion of the Harlem Renaissance as well as jazz poetry based on his literary works. One of his literary works is "Bop," in which it was made credible to a culturally diverse middle-aged readers. Bop is one of his literary works that falls under the idea of jazz poetry in which it evokes emotional depth and its cultural significance. Not only does Hughes convey those two elements, but his writing style is also significant as it is structured by his use of the first-person point of view, symbolism, and onomatopoeia.
             For Hughes to help his readers comprehend, he uses the first-person point of view to make it more informative. Instead of composing a monologue work, he creates a dialogue for his readers to comprehend easily of what Bop means. In the text, he states that Bop "sounds like pure nonsense syllables to me". After Simple realizes that the narrator does not know where Bop originated from, he responds by saying "From the police beating Negroes heads". Hughes intentionally uses first-person to allow himself to relate to his audience in which he assumes his readers are unaware of what Be-Bop is. He resorts to this method for the reader to easily understand as they transitioned from being confused about what Be-bop is to "Be-bop makes plenty of sense".
             In addition to Hughes' text, he uses symbolism to convey the segregation between blacks and whites as well as the mistreatment of blacks. Since bop can be sung by saying "Hey Ba-Ba-Re-Bop! Be-Bop! Mop!" and partakes in a variety of roles such as the sound of a club, police, pain, or sadness, it is considered a symbol. Hughes states that "folks who ain't suffered much cannot play Bop, neither appreciate it.

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