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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin: Part 2

            Benjamin Franklin was established in Pennsylvania in the year of 1730. He recalls that there was not a book shop south of Boston, in any of the colonies. The printing companies in New York and Philadelphia only sold almanacs, paper, and a few school books. People, who loved to read, were forced to order books from England. He suggested that himself and the other members of the group, Junto, take advantage and gather all of their books together as one collection to make a public library. He drew up a plan and presented it to a Mr. Charles Brockden. Mr. Brockden was to come up with an agreement so that each person was to make a down payment for their first book purchase and make a contribution every year if they were to increase purchases. Being that the majority of the people were poor, Franklin was not able to find more than fifty people willing to pay. His vision eventually came to and it was copied by other towns. Reading became more customary and people were better familiar with books. Before reading this portion, I did not know that Franklin was the one to set up the first of libraries. The library is the first place people used to go when they wanted to know about history. Nowadays, it seems as if the internet is the easiest place to go and search for things we want to know about. .
             With the success of the library, Franklin began to improve in his studies. In my opinion, the library is what started to set Franklin up with triumph. He began to separate himself from the public eye. He wanted all of his attention to be focused on him and what he had going on. He set aside an hour or two each day, and restored some education that was loss from his early childhood that his father advised him to learn. None of his time was to be wasted in the playing of any games. He found himself lucky to have a wife that was as much dedicated as him. Miss Read was of great assistance in stitching up pamphlets, buying rags for the papermakers, and working for the shop.

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