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Debauchery - The Inevitable Lifestyle

            Times have changed, and the little things we know about conservatism is gone. We are living in a generation of Kardashian scandals, 420 pot heads and the like. The huge impact of media to our generation justifies why we fall into debauchery. What is debauchery? Debauchery, according to Merriam-Webster is "the bad or immoral behavior that involves sex, drugs, alcohol, etc." Another similar definition by Urban Dictionary describes debauchery as "the extreme indulgence in sensual pleasure". If we know that debauchery is bad or immoral, why do people still engage in debauchery? According to Dr. Joe Frascella (2010), people engage in debaucheries because of the particular part of the brain. Humans have an evolved brain that allows them to sense good feelings and repeat these actions because they were satisfying. He called this part of the brain the "reward system". Although some people think that sex and/or drugs are immoral actions or debaucheries, these acts only become debaucheries when they are abused and they don't serve their true purpose: sex for procreation and drugs for medicinal purpose.
             Sex, according to the Bible was created for man to procreate and multiply. Nowadays, people use sex as a tool to gain sensual pleasure and use contraceptives to avoid pregnancy, the basic reason why sex was created, but what is sex? According to Planned Parenthood, sex is defined in different ways. A lot of people believe that sex occurs only when the reproductive organs are in contact. However, this is not true to everybody, some people think any sort of sexually related actions is called sex. Teenage hormones are very active. Therefore, they are more sexually active than any other age group, and engage in sex more often than adults. Because they engage in sex more, there is an increase in teenage pregnancy. Alongside it the Philippines face a common but very severe issue the country, Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs).

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