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Comparison Essay - Egypt and Mesopotamia

            Looking far back into time, two immense civilizations emerged out of the Middle East. Egypt and Mesopotamia were both very successful civilizations that thrived on different aspects of culture and life. Some may say that these two civilizations were similar in many ways and in fact they were similar fundamentally. Although after looking in depth at each civilization, despite some similarities, we can conclude that both Egypt and Mesopotamia were different in their own cultural ways. .
             In the heat and dryness arose Mesopotamia otherwise known as Iraq in our day. Mesopotamia was located between two major rivers which were known as the Tigris and Euphrates. These major rivers brought in much of its population as the people sought the water to be a key to survival and to cultural expansion. Mesopotamia traded extensively and quickly had such a large population that people were inclined to migrate to other areas around Mesopotamia itself. On the other hand, Egypt had emerged as a civilization as well. The Egyptian civilization was located next to the Nile River, which was actually a great source for farming and trading and brought great success to the Egyptian culture. Egypt obviously expanded just as Mesopotamia did, so the Nile river became fairly occupied and forced people to migrate amongst the Nile. After time, the Egyptian society was actually able to create a fairly advanced farming system which only led to great success amongst the culture itself. Both civilizations were very successful, and used anything they had to their advantage. Due to the contrastive geography and separate ways of culture, Egypt and Mesopotamia were divergent to one another in their own ways. .
             Looking at each civilization, the varying cultural and geographical aspects are what set these two civilizations apart. In Mesopotamia, they struggled to obtain some basic necessities. One of which was the access to rocks and minerals which Egypt actually used to build up their immense tombs.

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