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Frederick Douglas - Slave Owner Letter

             Frederick Douglas has become a free man and that he is saying slavery was wrong to him. I said nay to that when he came into my care I did everything in my power to keep him, fed, clothed and safe. When he first came to me he was such a young child. dirty, cold, skinned to the bone like he hasn't eaten in days. I felt horrified that some owner had put him through this such stage. Possibly how can someone do this to a human being? I purchased him for my son to have his servant just as his father have owned many slaves for our plantation. My wife grew fond of his image thinking he was a special person. Sort of like you see a strong horse that's meant for great things. Over the years passed we continued to have ownership my wife found out he knew how to read and write and that he knew how to speak out language as we do today. I always trusted my wife in her judgment. So I decided not to do anything about it. We further gathered information that he learned all that he could at the Aulds. I always knew they were smart but dang teaching a slave how to learn is beyond my belief. To me I always thought teaching slaves was against the law and that it should never be done but if the Aulds did it then hey why can't. We later find out that the Mr. Auld became a drunk a began to beat and harm him and Mrs. Auld and also that Mrs. Auld went from being nice and sweet to him into being the certain abusive type of people. Frederick Douglas was a kind soul coming from multiple plantations and work forces life as he sad were rough. Now I don't know if I believe him because I never trust a slave in my life, but I played along, or my wife would probably have my head.
             I strongly believe that I wasn't in the wrong having him as a slave. To me I felt blessed from the Lord himself. Not only that I had the opportunity to learn from this young man but I had the honor of changing his life around for good. Trying my best to keep his head on the right way to keep going in life and teaching him how to not give up on his dreams.

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