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Argumentative Essay - Animal Testing

            Animal testing may be cruel, but it's a vital part of research. Although the testing is at the cost of the animal's life, the information we have gained through the research has helped us make lots of advancements in medicine, space, and it's an ethical substitute for human testing. The people that are protesting against testing medicine on animals are, usually, the same people that are using these medicines when they get sick. In the article, "How much does Animal Testing Tell Us?", Frankie Trull claims that if we were to stop animal testing, then we would be closing the door to advancements, such as curing diseases, and treating sicknesses. What good are doctors if their are no medicines? People that have lived through a severe illness will tell you how grateful they are for the medications that saved their lives. In addition, Robin Mckie states that a ban on animal testing would be taking a step back in the race to cure cancer, treat Alzheimers, and heart diseases. More lives have been saved with these medicines and treatments in contrast to the lives that have been taken in the process of creating these medicines. Researchers rely on animals to learn how the body works. The animals may play a small role in the medical field, but it is a very important role. .
             Many people remember the great men and women that have traveled through space, but not many remember the animals that were first sent into space before those astronauts. We learn in, "Animals Pioneer in Space", that over 15,000 animals are used every year to aid the space medical research for manned space flight. Many monkeys and mice have lived to see space, and scientists are able to study the animals body reactions to the environments. Scientists don't send random animals into space, they pick a certain few and put these special animals through training. The training is very humane and similar to the training of a police dog.

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