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Concussions and Brain Damage

            Concussions and brain damage are related in a way that can affect these children depending on where they hit their head. Cheerleading and football are examples of sports that can increase the percentage to head injuries. The first part of the brain I will be discussing will be the frontal lobe. The frontal lobe is the most exposed and easily hit, not only are they large, but they are in an area that is accessed easily. The functions that will be impacted would be emotions, impulse control, language, memory, and social/sexual behavior. As we are talking about children, they might of not been able to develop these parts very well yet. Therefore, they would be exposing vulnerable parts which would end up disabling them to even form the parts! .
             The next part of an impact I will be talking about would be the parietal lobes. The parietal lobe is located behind the frontal lobe. The parietal lobes are important due to us being able to recognize or even know your body. A hit to the parietal lobes can cause one to lose their sense of recognizing and even locating parts of your body. .
             Behind the parietal lobes are the occipital lobes. Although the occipital lobes are located in the back of your brain, they actually connect to what's in front, your visual field. Receiving a hit to your occipital lobes can distort your vision in a way of color, size, and shape. For example, you may see something as ten feet, when in reality, it was only two inches. Not only can it distort those factors, but it can also affect your visual field. How much you see, will be limited.
             Below the parietal lobes is the cerebellum. The cerebellum is responsible for one's movements and balance. Getting an impacted injury from there can cause you to lose balance in posture, movement, and to muscle memorization. Without the cerebellum, you could even walk like a lump of bread falling side to side. The cerebellum basically keeps you up and able to move.

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