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Writing - The Paragraph as a Basic Organization

             Writing and putting an accurate word on a paper is quite an easy task, but writing a sentence is a bet difficult. Writing a paragraph is the most difficult academic activity. It is much more required as compared to any other activity in the major of writing. To know and organize a paragraph in a coherent, cohesive and united way, it means that you know and have the command on the foundation in any pyramid of academic writing. Writing a simple cover letter, an academic essay, B.A thesis or Ph.D. dissertation is impossible in a case when you as a writer do not have sound and reliable knowledge on paragraph. The length of paragraph depends on the writer. It is varied from a single sentence to a full page. Starting with a few simple sentences on a paper is not enough. Instead, we need to make it sure that our paragraph is based on good coherence, cohesion and unity .
             Preface .
             Writing dates back thousands of years. People used to write on cave walls, stones and on various other things which were used instead of paper. About 3,500 years ago, the idea of alphabet came into practice. It is also worth mentioning that there was even the concept of communication in languages when there wasn't the idea of writing. Since writing is considered to be one of the productive skills of a language. Thus, different languages use different systems of writing. At the meantime, different languages also use different writing styles. For instance, the English writing organization style is quite simple which has a beginning (introduction), a middle (body) and an end (conclusion) while the Japanese writing style is circular in which the writer doesn't want to mention the topic to his/her readers. Instead, Japanese writers tend their readers to be imaginative enough. In the following pages, I tried my best to present paragraph as a basic organization in English writing in a comprehensive and scientific way. .
             Since paragraph is considered as a foundation in English writing.

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