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The Australian Agriculture Company - Agribusiness

             The Australian Agriculture Company specializes in agribusiness. The company produces agricultural products, beef, and cattle. The company's main focus is cattle and beef production, but it also produces sorghum, cotton, wheat, and chickpeas. In other words, AA Co's focus is agriculture and agriculture-related business. The company's headquarter located in Brisbane, Queensland where it has 7 million hectares of land (AA C0, 2016). However, the company's land extends to the Northern Territory. AA Co's customers are distributed all over the world because the firm's produce is sold all over the world. For example, beef and cattle are sold to consumers in Australia, Europe, Asia, and in the Middle East. Asia and the Middle East are the major destinations of live cattle. Sorghum, chickpeas, cotton, and wheat, are also sold to consumers all over the world. The company's main customers are food industries, abattoirs; animal feeds producers, beer manufacturers, supermarkets, and other large industries. Most of the local and foreign abattoirs in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and other Muslim countries are meant to produce halal meat for their Muslim customers. Some of AA Co's customers are food processing companies hence they require large quantities of raw materials from AA Co. For example, alcohol manufacturers require large quantities of sorghum while canning industries require chickpeas. Textile companies depend on AA Co's cotton to sustain their operations. AA Co's has many competitors distributed in many parts of the world. .
             The Australia Agriculture Company operates in a competitive environment. Many of the competitors are located in Australia and the West. Local competitors include GrainCorp Ltd., AWB Limited, AUSTREX, Nufarm, Tandou Limited, Consolidated Pastoral Company Pty Ltd, and NAPCO among other companies. GrainCorp Ltd., AWB Limited, AUSTREX, and Nufarm specialize in grain and crop farming within Australia and outside Australia, therefore, they are dominant players in the grain and crop farming and the West.

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