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Media Ethics and the NFL

             The National Football League (NFL) has advanced from being talked about as a sport rooted in the traditional values of the American culture to a sport beginning to spread the culture of rage and violence. This culture of rage accounts to the recent news events that have portrayed the violent behavior displayed by football players and the ungovernable attitude displayed by their owners to protect the players. These occurrences have posed the notion of serious concern amongst parents and certain sections of society, which has questioned the broadcasting of the sport itself on channels such as NBC. ("Facing Facts", http://www.obamaonthecouch.com/facing-facts/. March, 2015.) .
             The NFL as a sport has been an inherent part of the American Culture, which bears its origins in the history and evolution of American Football. I believe that the Culture of a country should never be entirely compromised as a mere result of different opinions being formed in a society. Additionally, the value of Loyalty and Trust in a legal relationship between NBC and the NFL to broadcast American Football dates back to 1998 – a long-lasting professional bond that cannot be evidently dismissed. ("NFL on NBC", http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NFL_on_NBC. March, 2015.). But most importantly, I feel the need to incorporate the value of Practical Wisdom to arrive at a feasible solution.
             Aristotle's Mean – On one hand, the NFL constitutes a high rate of fan following in the United States of America – the people who have grown up with the American Culture of football. On the other hand, the NFL has set a negative notion through a game of politics and ruthless power displayed by football players and their owners – the people (parents and young adults) who are concerned that football promotes the concept of "passive complicity". ("Facing Facts", http://www.

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