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Short Story - An Act of Kindness

            I remember looking out the blurred icy window where I saw my son imprinting his little footprints in the clean, white snow. I decided to step out to feel the crisp, cold air. "Crunch, crunch, crunch," as I stepped into the snow, which froze due to the icy rain. The freezing rain made the tree branches glisten like glass and blurred the windows from being covered in ice. As a few minutes went by, his red jacket slowly disappeared in the distance. Not knowing why he wanted to go out in this weather, I let him out anyways. I wanted him to experience his freedom, along with feeling the briskness outside and playing in the icy snow, since I didn't let him out often. Yes, I'm a pretty overprotective mom. I decided to let go and allow my son to live his own life, however, I still wanted him to be perfectly safe and sound. Well, as long as he had friends to accompany him, I shouldn't be so worried. Even if he had a tiny papercut or the slightest chance in his tone, I would always be right there for him, asking him questions left and right. Oh, my poor baby, come here. tell mommy what happened. Why are you sad? How'd you get this cut? Does it hurt? Did someone do this to you? Hardly anyone touches a hair on my little boy's head. He was the type to share his food, share his toys, and just be super friendly; it was my favorite part about him. He was just the cutest, caring boy ever. .
             What if he got hurt? What if he slipped and fell? What if he's bleeding? What if he has frostbite? Oh God, why did I let him go out without me? I lay on the couch thinking of all the endless possibilities that something wrong happened. Why was I so pessimistic? I hope my son wasn't like that. Should I go out to find where he went? Maybe he's just playing in the snow with his friends at the park. He should be fine right? After an hour passed by, my son finally came home but in a totally new condition from when he left the house.

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