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Spartacus Movie Review

            Directed by Stanley Kubrick, Spartacus is an epic portrayal of life during the era of the Roman Empire. The film stars a younger Kurt Douglas as Spartacus who is sold into the hands of a gladiator dealer after biting a Roman soldier on the leg. Spartacus was originally a slave that worked under the watchful eye of Roman guards. We learn very early in the movie through various exchanges in dialogue from the Romans that Spartacus is more rebellious than many other slaves. Not only is Spartacus" attitude more aggressive, but also his strength and might, as even the Romans acknowledge his perseverance and stubbornness.
             After being sold to Batiatus (Peter Ustinov), a presumed broker of gladiators, Spartacus enters a very rigorous gladiator training academy. The academy employs incredibly strict training exercises that strengthen the gladiators into mighty warriors. As the days progress, Spartacus is introduced to an attractive slave women by the name of Varinia (Jean Simmons). Although their first encounter was supposed to be nothing but quick pleasure for Spartacus, he refuses to take advantage of her after two playboys watch through a cage from above in order to get a view at Spartacus" intimate relations. Spartacus screams at them, "I am not an animal!" Shortly thereafter, Varinia shouts the same expression a Spartacus, ultimately barring him from any uncalled for actions. Spartacus" respect for Varinia captures her heart as Spartacus falls closely attached to her.
             At one point, two Roman noble officials enter the gladiator academy with their concubines and wish to see a fight to the death between the enslaved gladiators. Although this request is strongly against Batiatus" will, he agrees and Spartacus is selected and matched with a black gladiator. Spartacus is pinned by this warrior, but he refuses to kill Spartacus. Instead, he backs away and charges the onlookers in the balcony, where he is promptly terminated by a guard.

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