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Charlie Chaplin's Letter to His Daughter

             A long lasting night, when after having a quarrel with my family members I was told to read Charlie Chaplin's letter to his daughter. I was very angry and I even thought that no one understood me. I did not take it seriously and I thought that reading that letter wouldn't change anything in me. I thought about many different things that night, and to be honest, I was full of stupid and irresponsible ideas. Finally I could calm down. I took a breath and sat behind the computer. The first thing which I did was searching Charlie Chaplin's letter to his daughter, afterwards I started reading it.
             It is hard to write down all the feelings which I experienced while reading it. All my emotions, both joy, and excitement were mixed and, in the end, I just could not help my tears from falling. I learned a lot from that letter. He mentions all the little things that we don't pay attention to; the things which are more important and valuable. We imagine that hardship which he passed during his life and how he tried to stay a "good" man inside. The main aim of his letter was to explain to his daughter that money and fame changes people, but she must be very strong and stay kind inside. It is a real educative paper which should be read by all of us. He shows how every human being must behave. We understand that everybody is equal no matter rich or poor, happy or sad, good or bad, all of us are humans. I was influenced by this letter so much that I thought about changing my life. It is noticeable, at least for me, that it has considerably changed my worldview, mentality and attitude towards many things.
             Just to show how this letter affected and changed me, I would like to share some advice which I have taken from it. To start, I state that life is full of various "surprises" and everybody has only a contemporary status of things going on in his life at the specific moment. I understood that nothing is given to us so easily and that even if we have a good house to live, money to eat and a family, it is the biggest wealth in our life.

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