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Commercial Analysis - Dos Equis

            How would you relish to experience the life of the most intriguing man in the world? That is the question that Dos Equis is endeavoring to raise in their commercials. The commercials portray "the most interesting man in the world" undertaking all kinds of adventurous, convivial, or athletic acts. These acts involve things like playing croquet, venturing through a dense rainforest, and being the life of immensely colossal high class parties. This commercial in particular shows him jumping off of astronomically immense cliffs as comely women look on, encountering native tribes, and other adventurous acts. Dos Equis uses not only these commercial's humor to sell their potation, but withal through portraying this astoundingly cool, tranquil, and sophisticated man and all of his feats. Dos Equis sells to sophisticated upper-class beer drinkers and common men through their portrayal of the most interesting man.
             The commercial commences out with the man standing tranquilly at the top of a high rocky cliff as pulchritudinous women look on. The women, all dressed in bathing suits, wave and cheer the man on as he prepares for his jump. As that is transpiring the narrator chimes in letting you ken that the man is "the life of parties that he has never even attended." The man gives an expeditious wave to the women filming and leaps from the edge of the cliff. He flies past the overhanging rocks and lands impeccably in the water, the man emerges moments later looking just as suave as afore. This is an impeccable example of the point that the commercial is endeavoring to make: that imbibing Dos Equis will elevate you to a man of James Bond status. This scene incorporates both adventure, and a sense of suaveness from the man. Conspicuously this isn't your average high dive as the man is jumping from a comely yet perilous cliff side the relishes of which would definitely take an adventurous heart.

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