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Police Misconduct

             "The war on crime that is fought on the streets is far too often waged against innocent individuals unaware of, or intimidated into surrendering their constitutional rights-(ClarisLaw Inc., 2003). Police officers in return often make bad judgment calls on a possible offender and resort to using more force than needed. With the two of these misunderstandings of communication and panic, it is no wonder why police misconduct is becoming more and more of an issue. It was stated that "for as long as there has been police, there have been corruption- (Dempsey, 1999; p.293). It is often thought in an understanding response to police corruption that the officers often get mixed up in the misconduct because the police are around it every day, and it is hard not to decentralize yourself from that after being exposed to crime and corruption for so long. Eventually the brutality and dishonesty becomes apart of the police persona. .
             In the 1970's the Knapp Commission was created by New York City's mayor, John V. Lindsay as an approach to stop the alleged police corruption that was going on. As well as recently many police departments have developed Internal Affairs divisions to basically enable cops to monitor fellow officers on the job to see if any foul play is going on while on duty. Many other departments and commissions have been established to fight the war on police brutality and misconduct. And it would be safe to think that transgression among the men and women who are "To Protect and To Serve- would not be involved in any illegal acts with all of these divisions trying to stop it but that is not true. Police continue to abuse their authority for their personal gains and fulfillment. Such forms of abuse include "excessive use of deadly force, excessive use of physical force, discriminatory patterns of arrest, patterns of harassment of vulnerable groups, discriminatory use of the "stop and frisk-, overly harsh enforcement, verbal abuse - (ClarisLaw, et al.

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