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How to Plan a 5K Run

            This is a how-to guide on how to plan a 5K run for an organization or charity on a college campus. There are many ways to carry out and execute this event, but this guide includes all the important basics and ways you can make your 5K a smashing success and distinctive from other runs.
             Step 1: Decide the Location and Reserve the Date.
             Every 5K has to start somewhere, literally. It is vital to plan the exact location of the 5K before planning anything else. On a college campus it is easiest to center it on a main part of the campus making it easily accessible for college students. This is important when deciding the location because a nearby parking lot would come in handy to those who are commuting. Finding a location doesn't exactly mean routing the entire 5K just yet, but it decides a meeting point where all runners report to and where all festivities will be held. Once the location is locked in, it's time to figure out the exact date and time the 5K will be held. This should be a date that's most convenient for students and doesn't interfere with any academic events. The time should also not be too bright and early since college kids are already deprived of sleep and won't be willing to show up to the event. .
             Step 2: Create a Budget.
             The budget may be the most important tool when planning a large event. There will be a lot of miscellaneous expenses so the budget will need to be large. Don't panic, just keep calm and create an Excel sheet. Keep in mind that even though you may be spending a lot of money you're also making money that will go towards a deserving charity! .
             Step 3: Planning the logistics. Since the 5K is taking place on a college campus, it is necessary to fill out an event planning registration form. This is an important part, because without it the show can't go on. Then, check with campus grounds service to make sure it's safe to block off a parking lot for a part of the day.

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