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Supply Change Management - KFC

             Moving from SCM (Supply Chain Management) to e-SCM while the company has 10 outlets spread all over Singapore is, in fact, a decent key move. Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a system that that joins managing the advancement of unrefined materials into an affiliation, certain parts of the inside planning of materials into finished items, and the improvement of finished stock out of the affiliation and toward the end purchaser. The purpose behind creation system organization is to upgrade trust and joint exertion among store system accessories, thusly improving stock detectable quality and the velocity of stock advancement. By using SCM, MobileExpert can contact their suppliers or checks their stock by using a telephone. But, now MobileExpert has 10 outlets, CEO must oversee inventories in all outlets. If the CEO used paper-based system, it will be harder for him to overhaul their stock information from all outlets since they need to contact the outlets one by one using telephone. .
             It also takes an extensive measure of time. Another issue may be happened in light of their nonappearance of information, MobileExpert might orchestrate an overabundance of phone from a brand that isn't for the most part welcomed by their business segments since they don't have a continuous information by each outlets. Regardless, by using e-SCM which rely on upon open data models that support the data sharing inside and outside the association between they key suppliers, makers, and customers MobileExpert is allowed to share their data to most of their outlets in a consistent. By this data sharing, MobileExpert can orchestrate the positive whole from each brand. MobileExpert can update their stock from each outlets. By using e-SCM, it can diminish costs of things and allow all social affairs to manage their streams needs and future needs better. For this circumstance, using e-SCM will make the suppliers feel easier to check the quantity of their things in MobileExpert's stock.

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