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Observations at Walmart

            I watched as her two kids ran around and picked everything they possibly could off the shelves. She was talking on the phone, and it didn't seem like she was going to do anything to stop the kids from running, screaming, and acting crazy. She seemed stressed, and she was talking about her day to whoever she was talking to. I was right behind her in line, sandwiched in between her and the person behind me. I was close enough to her I could smell the cigarette smoke on the big winter jacket she had on. She finally looked back and yelled at one of the two kids to come over to her because he was trying to leave the money center area, but I didn't work. The boy just ran back in and started messing around with the Coinstar machine. I was pretty annoyed already, and this lady and her kids just made it worse. .
             We were so close together I couldn't help but hear what she was talking about on the phone. As we were waiting I learned more things about her personal life. I found out she was a single mom because she was talking about how she was dropping the kids off at their dad's house that evening. I also found out that she didn't live in the Wooster area; she was there for her nephew's fifteenth birthday party. Another thing I found out is that she was there for the exact same reason I was, to try and cash her check at Walmart for the first time. .
             Her kids were getting completely out of control; they were pulling papers off the bulletin board and bringing them over to her, "Hey mommy look at this." The mom finally lost it and started yelling at them, everybody at the cash registers heard her and turned to look. All the yelling annoyed me even more and I totally wanted to just get out of line and leave. I was telling myself I just shouldn't have come to Walmart. It was too late to leave now; I already invested 10-15 minutes of my time waiting in line. It was almost the Lady's turn in line and she told her friend she had to go and would talk to her later.

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