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Short Story - Awaiting Fate

            The young man wearing a labcoat over his dirty jeans and T-shirt stepped out past the unlocked doors. With his hair unkempt and his face unshaven, he scratched his balding head and couldn't remember the last he had had a shower. He shuffled towards the stairway leading down. Upon entering the dark lab below, he caught a glimpse of the beast he had created in the experimentation pit. The creature he conceived had taken hold of his life, as though it had come from his very being. This gloomy place was the residence of everything he loved and cared for.
             He regarded the mass of coils and electrodes he had collected on the table. His brow furrowed as he realised this was it. He had to make this work or the doubters, the jealous masses, everyone who ever wanted him to fail would get what they wanted. This was his way to show them who he really was. The high voltage, low frequency, electron emitter, was designed to wirelessly transmit electrical energy over long distances. This revolutionary technology would change the fundamental principles upon which modern science was founded. For the past ten years, Konrad Antakov had been striving to contribute to the scientific community.
             From his childhood days growing up on the streets of Sydney, Konrad was fascinated by the scientific world. As a child he watched the lightning and marvelled at the power in the sky and he would walk around the library, in Surrey Hills College, rubbing his shoes on the carpet and giving electric shocks to smaller boys at his fingertips. In the night he would turn off the lights and take off his nylon T-shirts at speed and would always be amazed by the tiny blue sparks he could create from seemingly nothing. Konrad sat, wringing his hands in nervous anticipation while frequently glancing at his phone. The sweat from his palms contaminated the electrodes of his experiment. He wiped the sweat from the electrodes fearing a repeat of the accident at the university.

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