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Team Review - The Philadelphia Eagles

            Everyone can agree that the Philadelphia Eagles had one of the most active offseasons under Head Coach and General Manager Chip Kelly. Chip is trying to mold the Eagles into his little superpower. He has a genius offensive scheme like no other in the NFL, a fast paced, no huddle scheme used to keep the defense confused and exhausted. But not all players are able to run such an offense and kelly spent all offseason ridding the team of any such players and adding big names that have excelled in similar schemes through college such as Sam Bradford and Demarco Murray. However even with these big name players, some fear that the Eagles won't have chemistry. .
             Chip has done an exceptional job flipping the Eagles, especially over one offseason. It's incredibly hard to take a NFL team that was built up a certain way, strip it down and start building it the way you like it, especially with a 20th pick. But that's exactly what chip has done, he has made some controversial moves but that's to be expected. Chip has a plan even if it seems like he's the only one who knows what that plan may be.
             The Eagles have invested a lot of money in the halfback position at a time when the NFL is mainly pass-oriented, only 8 teams ran the ball more than the Eagles last season and they're planning on running the ball even more this upcoming season. Even though they traded the franchise leading rusher and the face of Philadelphia, they filled the gaping hole he left with Demarco Murray and Ryan Mathews, who fit Kelly's scheme as one-cut halfbacks ("Transactions"). They join speedy Darren Sproles to make the "legion of zoom" making one of the most feared backfields in the NFL. Mccoy didn't fit Kelly's scheme, Kelly likes a running back that hits the hole. Lesean dances around too much in the backfield and loses yard, which is something kelly can't stand (Klump).
             Though the Eagles are a run-heavy team (Klump), quarterback is still one of the most coveted positions.

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