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Obstacles to Happiness - A Raisin in the Sun

            In the play, "Raisin in The Sun", Walter who is Lena's son has big dreams that he talks about throughout. He dreams of getting the check from his father's insurance, he dreams of making an invest to get money, he dreams of his family being able to experience equality. Some of the events that occur could make someone think that his dreams may be an obstacle to happiness.
             Unfortunately Walter's father dies before the time that the play takes place and because of his death, the Younger family is expecting an insurance check to come in the mail any day. The entire family is very excited for this check, but no one is as anxious for it to come as Walter. Each member of the family has already made plans of what they think the money from the insurance check should be used for. This dream that Walter has of getting the check is a big one but can also be seen as an obstacle to happiness. His wanting of this check leads to a lot of bickering between him and his family. He thinks that the check should be for his use only, the way he wants it to be used but his sister, mother, and wife all have other ideas of what they think the money should be used for. This dream causes a lot of issues within the Younger family and brings a lot of anger to every member, especially to Walter. .
             Another big dream that Walter has, is to make an investment of his own to later make more money. This is a reason that he wanted to receive his father's insurance check. Money plays a big role in Walter's life and at times, that sets a barrier between him and his happiness. Throughout the play Walter says things like, "I want so many things, it's driving me crazy", "money is life", and "it's always been about money". Walter begins to become a really angry person when he is told that he can not make the investment that he wants to with the insurance check. His anger distances him from not only himself but also his family.

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