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Muhammad Ali - The Whole Story

            One of the greatest stories that was ever told and went down in history is the story of Muhammad Ali. Growing up hearing about Muhammad Ali thinking he was a professional boxer that can beat anyone, not until I chose to write this review on the movie of Muhammad Ali: The Whole Story that I realized it was a lot more then that. And wow what a beautiful story line it was. Muhammad Ali, whose actual birth name was actually Cassius Marcellus Clay, born and raised in Louisville in Kentucky on January 17th 1942. Ali's father, Marcellus Clay was a mural painter in many churches around town and his mother Odessa Clay was a regular worker. As a young boy, Cassius enjoyed doing what he wanted when he wanted. He woke up one day realizing his bike was stolen and became enraged and started threatening those around him and said he would "whup whoever stole it". Louisville police officer Joe Martin heard about this situation and decided to put him in the boxing ring where he could take his anger out. At the age of 12, Cassius boxing career had officially begun. .
             Joe Martin, Louisville police officer, took an interest in Ali's career and started training him. Ali then became passionate about boxing; it was his life. Fred Stoner, a black trainer in the ring helped him become the deadly competitor he is today. He taught him the correct boxing techniques. Between the years of 1955 and 1960, Ali had competed in roughly 108 fights, where he took the Kentucky Golden Gloves title 6 times, the National Amateur Athletic Union championship twice, received the Gold Medal for light heavyweight in the 1960 Olympics division and lastly two national golden glove crowns. Muhammad Ali was only 18 years of age when he won the Olympic Gold Medal by defeating the undefeatable polish man Zbigniew Pietrzykowski.
             After winning the Gold Medal, Ali felt he was on top of the world, he felt that the U.S would be proud of a black man bringing home the gold.

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