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Analysis of Because I Could Not Stop for Death

            The poem 'Because I could not Stop for Death" is one of the most popular poems of the American poet, Emily Dickinson. Dickinson uses a technique to transport her message to the readers. The poem is divided in five quatrains. This style gives unity and makes it easier to read. The main speaker in this poem is a woman who is visited by a man and offers her a ride. The idea of death is not shown as isolated or fearful, but more peaceful and relaxed. Death is described by the speaker as a person rather than an occasion in a person's life. It is pictured as man who gives the speaker the ride of eternity. Dickinson dramatizes the conflict of life and the peaceful eternity of death. She develops an unusual interpretation of death, and while doing this, she creates images that provoke distinctive thoughts. Throughout the poem, Dickinson uses different types of figurative language, and imagery like metaphor, repetition and symbolism and others; these help her create a poem that people can understand it in many ways.
             In the first two stanzas of "Because I could not stop for Death", figurative language and symbolism are used. The first line "Because I could not stop for Death" (1) can have different meanings, but the main one is that the speaker was to occupied in her life, and Death comes to get her in the carriage. Personification is used in this stanza with "Death" (1) who is a man and her suitor, which called her to ride with him in his carriage. Many people use the "Grim Reaper" or a related dreadful person, but in this case Death is polite man. The carriage can represent a symbol of death where the bodies are carried to their graves, and similarly the speaker of this poem is being transported to her resting place. The speaker, while she is in her journey is moving like if she remained alive. Dissimilar to other views of dying, which are seen as dark and lonely, the speaker is not alone and nor is she unhappy.

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