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Whigs and Tories - After the Glorious Revolution

            The Glorious Revolution marked a significant turning point in the political history of Britain. In the aftermath, the House of Commons and Lords solidified a key role for Parliament in governing the country and During the Glorious Revolution the Whig and Tory parties cooperated in discontinuing the Stuart dynasty and seating William III of Orange on the throne of England, Scotland, and Ireland. It was during this period that the two parties, although their differences were ameliorated to an extent, moved forward another step in defining their respective party identities. The Tories became identified with Anglicanism and the regional squires, while the Whigs came to represent the wealthy middle class and aristocracy. Given that Parliament developed fiscal and implicit constitutional power through the Declaration of Rights; both parties grew in distinction and size, eager to seize advantage of Parliament's growing power in the House of Commons, which likely led to an increase in political rivalry. For example, both Whigs and Tories, especially radicals, produced and participated in all forms of new political cultural. They attended debates at coffeehouses and formed political clubs as a way to advance their agendas, which as a result, combined with the argument that both vied for political superiority, caused Whigs and Tories to become further divided. .
             Furthermore, the Whigs and Tories' involvement in Foreign policy stimulated the divide between the two parties. In an attempt to advance their political dominance, both the Whigs and Tories viewed the War of Spanish Succession as a means to advance their cause. The Whigs had been the party most associated with William III and his attempt to destroy the power of Louis XIV. His death in 1702 gave the Tories an opportunity to regain lost political ground. This would have likely caused political conflict as both parties were hungrily competing for additional power.

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