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Brave New World - Movie Adaptation

            Recreating a movie from a classic novel creates a struggle as the movie can only capture so much. Many changes have to be applied to ensure that the content can be viewed by a wide range of ages, to keep the audience in suspense, and keep their interests high. In Aldous Huxley's novel, Brave New World the directors, Leslie Libman and Larry Williams attempt to recapture the main events while delivering an adaption that will please the readers. Plot changes were embedded, as well as character changes and removal of racy content to ensure a wide audience, suspense, confusion, and interest.
             To create dramatic effect and keep intensity high, the directors of Brave New World, Libman and Williams created multiple plot changes. In the movie Bernard and Lenina found themselves in the reservation due to crashing via helicopter, whilst in the novel, Bernard was attending a tour and asked Lenina if she would join him. "He asked me to go to one of the Savage Reservations with him. I've always wanted to see a Savage Reservation." (44) Lenina has wanted to go to a savage reservation, and she's keen on the idea of attending with Bernard. The reason behind this change could be due to various reasons, such as the intensity. Finding themselves at the reservation by surprise creates suspense and questioning from the audience. This is not the only change the director made. The exclusion of the praise of "Ford" was a major difference. Ford was focused on immensely in the novel; however it was not mentioned once in the movie. In the novel, the praise of Ford is equivalent to our religion today. The characters went to services where they danced in worship Ford. "Ford's day, celebrations, and community sings, and solidarity services." (52) In the novel, the characters worshiped Ford and went to services. The movie showed the characters at work; using the assembly line. Ford was still not mentioned.

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