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Copyrights and Intellectual Property

            While reading the chapter on intellectual property, I noticed three important topics that the chapter discuss. One important topic the chapters discuss is copyright. Throughout the 21st century, the term copyright has been misused, and normally many individuals misinterpret the word. According to "The Law of Journalism and Mass Communication," the term copyright is defined as an exclusive legal right protecting intellectual creation from unauthorized use. This depicts on how individuals can legally protect their creation from not being used by another individual. When an individual has placed a copyright under their creation they have the power of reproduction, in which they have control over who will reproduce their creation and for what fee. The individual also have the control of performance, in which they control when the work is performed and for what fee. An individual also have the power of derivative work, in which they have control over when copyrighted works become basis for other works, and they also have the power of distribution display; which they control the distribution/display of work. Another Important Topic that captured my attention was Trademark. .
             A Trademark is defined a word, name symbol or design used to identify a company's goods and distinguished them from similar products other companies make. This Topic is important because it allows individuals and companies to create their own identity that individuals around the world could use to identify them among millions of brands. In order for something to be trademark it has to be distinctive from the other companies. Trademarks are a valuable aspect in which customers rely on them to ensure a particular good or service in which many companies offer. The third important topic I found while reading the chapter deals with the use of copyright material involving music. Music sharing is a sensitive copyright material.

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