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Personal Reflection - Why Evolution is True

            Evolution is a much-debated topic across scientific circles; I support the speciation process. In my personal reflection on Jerry Coyne's book 'Why Evolution Is True', I will highlight the importance of the adaptation process. Furthermore, it will illustrate Coyne's view on species transmutation and provide diverging viewpoints regarding the Darwinian Theory. The reflection will debate the importance of the study of race and purpose in the book and show its connection to the study of evolution by providing meaningful examples. I will state categorically the relevance of the Darwinian Theory in the study of speciation, and its significance in the study of fossil records. The debate on natural selection and its relevance to the study of biological processes, and the significance of speciation account that is grounded on the concept of biological species will be also illustrated.Coyne's viewpoints that need more elaboration will also be illustrated. .
             Personal Reflection on Why Evolution Is True.
             Views on Why Evolution is True.
             The book Why Evolution Is True, attempts to provide succinct and tangible evidence of evolution. Present day research scientists are engaged in thorough analysis of plant and animal life in an effort to discover their origin and understand their response to certain factors in the society such as drought and disease. In order to illustrate the significance of the study of evolution, Jerry Coyne highlights the fascinating facts of evolution that support life.
             Readers of this book have come to understand the reasons why most legislators and front line educationist advocate for the inclusion of the anti-Darwinian theories into the science curriculum. The writer demonstrates in great detail the limitations of Darwinism by providing supportive evidence and demystifying the popular view of evolution as a theory. Jerry Coyne categorically states that evolution is not a mere theory but a fact.

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