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             Trial by Media is the impact of television and newspaper coverage on a person's reputation by creating a widespread perception of guilt regardless of any verdict in a court of law. Media has wide reach and a more effective and a more direct approach to the people.Trial is very much effected by media sensation. To understand the meaning of free trial and free media one has to reflect on the evolutions of court and media and its present scenario. The judiciary and the media share a common bond and play a complimentary role to each other: man is the centre of their universe. Both the judiciary and the media are engaged in the same task: to discover the truth, to uphold the democratic values and to deal with social, political and economic problems. Media, as referred to by many as the "eyes and ears of the general public". This actually calls for the existence of a responsible media. The essay encompasses in its current scenario, influences, challenges and solutions.
             1. A Growing Threat to the Indian System.
             Media is often termed as the 4th pillar of Democracy after Legislature, Executive and Judiciary. Free and independent media is a necessity if we wish to see our democratic system work. Media on the other hand is self-regulated in our country. They are no government or any other organization which imposes any restrictions on them.
             Over the past few years, media of our country has risen in great proportions. It can make or break people. Even political parties admit that media's power is such that it can change governments. To think that media is fair and is free of any malpractices would be foolhardy. Phenomenon of paid news is not new and corporate ownership of media raises many questions. One of these questions is about the way media announces people guilty before courts, pass judgments in their studios without even hearing both sides. They also can play a huge role on influencing the judges.

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