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Divergent by Veronica Roth

            In the novel "Divergent," by Veronica Roth, there are many reoccurring elements which define the story and add depth to it. They are very significant to the story and play a large part in defining the characters and how they act. The fearlessness of the Dauntless and the combination of traits in the Divergent are two motifs in the novel. Being Dauntless is the belief in being fearless or the ability to control fear.¬†This control allows them to become brave which is the definition of their faction. Daily acts of bravery are important to the Dauntless as they are the defenders of the city and keepers of the peace. Tris was introduced to this principle when she joined the Dauntless by leaving the Abnegation. Tris was taught to become brave and not be affected by her fears because the Dauntless believed that being fearful was the fault in the world so they formed the Dauntless faction to fight that flaw. This Quote from Four displays the belief of the Dauntless and training to overcome fear "We believe that¬†preparation¬†eradicates cowardice, which we define as the failure to act in the midst of fear,"(Roth 77) This belief ties into how the other factions work because all five factions believe that one human trait is to blame for the problems in the world. They take that trait and try to become the opposite so they become what they believe to be the solution to the problem. Joining Tris was a very important piece of the story because the ideal that the Dauntless held changed Tris's views of herself and those around her. Tris became strong and confident in herself and her abilities which allowed her to protect the ones around her and those she held dear. The Dauntless separated themselves from Tris because they found her to be different after they realized how strong she actually was. .
             The Divergent were different because of their ability to think in different ways and look at problems from the views of different factions.

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