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Clarisonic: Reliable or Illusory

            The New Yorker magazine has permeated the homes of affluent businessmen, cultural enthusiasts, and ambitious middle-class women alike. Through the use of marketing expertise and aesthetic quality, Clarisonic appeals to a particular sect of that audience-a group of middle-aged women urgently seeking a reliable product that can rejuvenate their skin and revitalize their youth. This crowd of women, however, can be easily deceived in their desperate search for a skin solution. By skillfully employing both visual and textual assertions of credibility, the Clarisonic advertisement compels its gullible audience to trust in the transformative capabilities of their sonic brush.
             From the first few lines of the text to the last, the advertisement encourages the audience to place trust in the restorative potential of the product and even claims to guarantee customer satisfaction. In clear black font, the advertisement begins with a "promise to transform" the skin of its patrons, a theme of self-proclaimed ethos that pervades the rest of the text. .
             By offering the "The Clarisonic Guarantee" twice, the ad truly persuades a naive audience to place trust in the reliability and capacity of its product. The ad reflects this guarantee by insisting that the sonic brush can provide its users with "clearer, smoother, younger looking skin;" this pledge must particularly captivate the youth-seeking character that lays dormant within every middle-aged woman of any metropolitan society, not only New York. Indeed, the alluring characteristic of this ad that appeals to the superficial renewal of skin seems to imply an understanding about Clarisonic's customers-that these women value aesthetic quality and can be easily tempted by "promises" and "guarantees." Moreover, with references to "Clarisonic" six times and "cleansing" five times in the same text that also suggests a "freedom from impurities," the advertisement repeatedly reminds this female audience of the rejuvenating prowess of the sonic brush and the revitalized features that it can provide.

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