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Synthesis Analysis - Technology and Privacy

             Before starting the process of writing my research synthesis essay, we were assigned multiple readings from Craft of Research. The readings helped tremendously throughout the entire process of this paper, with creating a focused topic and turning it into a question, ways to organize the information collected to help plan my argument, elaborating on the subject using multiple sources and to be able to present supporting evidence, then concluding all the information into strong conclusion. After narrowing down on a topic, I then used Georgia Southern's online library and Google Books to help find sources that were suitable for the research question. Coming up with my own research question for the essay was a trial and error process, I thought of multiple claims I could write about but had to research them first in order to find which one had the best selection of sources. When I figured out the claim that would be best to write about, I collected all my sources and used an outline to make sure my paragraphs were presented in a logical order that would be easy for reader the to comprehend. Once I had all this finished, writing the actual paper was much easier to do and did not take nearly as long as it would have if I didn't have the help of Craft of Research. .
             Rise of Technology Causing a Decrease in Privacy .
             With the rise of the internet and technology in today's world, there has been an underlying problem with the lack of privacy. Social media, such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and so forth, has made finding out personal information on someone a lot easier because they require an abundance of information ranging from phone numbers, information about your private life, and the ability to add your location to pictures and status updates which allows anyone that follows you to know exactly where you are. Online banking and websites that require credit card information has presented problems such as hackers being able to steel credit card information or even someone's identity.

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