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Short Story - Roxâne

            It is the morning of Roxâne's seventeenth birthday. To her amazement, she wakes up earlier than her mother and older brother Ronâld. She decides to go for her daily morning jog in the woods. She starts jogging and about fifteen minutes in, she feels a chill down her spine and has a vision of her running at impossible speeds. She continues to jog past the old abandoned manor. She feels as if someone is watching her. Roxâne continues her jog while ignoring the feeling of being observed. She reaches her destination of the lake and stops to admire the sunrise. Even though the sunrise calms her she still feels like she is being watched so she decides to head back home, not knowing that that would be the last sunrise she would see.
             When she arrives home she no longer feels observed and is happy to see her mother and older sibling waiting for her at their front door. Although they seem a bit mysterious by the fact that they stop whispering to each other when they see her approach, they greet her happily but something seems off. Roxâne feels an aura of nervousness. She shakes it off and joins them for breakfast. The aura of nervousness and overwrought intensifies as the day goes on. The day is slowly coming to an end and Roxâne notices her mother and Ronâld acting odd. It is as if they are waiting for something horrible to happen. The three are in the living area reading when there is a soft knock on the door. Ronâld quickly gets up and looks at his mother as he approaches the door. Roxâne asks them if they invited anyone. Her mother does not answer. Roxâne puts her book down as her sibling opens the door and lets a young man, in after saying hello; he walks over to Roxâne's mother and greets her. Then this stranger sits next to her mother and looks at Roxâne. Ronâld takes a seat next to the stranger. Roxâne is confused and doesn't know what is happening. Her mother tells her that they have some news to give her.

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