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Frederick Douglass and Education

            Learning about history plays a significant role in shaping our country because it helps people refrain from repeating mistakes that were made in the past, and it teaches people that there are ways to improve life. Frederick Douglass was a slave that was born into slavery. In his Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, he reveals his experiences and how he escaped the despair of slavery with his education. While he was a slave, he taught himself how to read and write; therefore, education and knowledge became the key in his escape from slavery. Education is also the key in escaping from slavery in the twenty- first century America; however, there is a different form of slavery in this century. Many adults today are stuck in an economic slavery that holds back so many people. Like Douglass, they too can obtain freedom. Reading Douglass's narrative persuades adults that are suffering from economic slavery into realizing that they can also escape slavery with the help of an education. Just as it was imperative for Frederick Douglass to get an education and escape slavery, it is just as imperative for adults in the twenty- first century to get an education and escape economic slavery. .
             Frederick Douglass's narrative possesses more than just general facts about slavery that can be found in textbooks. Because he was a slave, his narrative provides a first-hand look at slavery. Douglass shares his personal experiences and the horrors of slavery; therefore, readers are able to feel his suffering when reading his story. He reveals that there were a lot more horrendous aspects of slavery other than blacks being forced into labor. It is crucial not to forget about slavery and its traumatic effects in order to prevent it from recurring. Reading Frederick Douglass's inspiring narrative reminds readers of the atrocious issues that existed in the antebellum era. .
             Douglass is seen as a remarkable example of conquering obstacles and achieving one's goal.

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