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Paper Towns - A Hero's Journey

            My hero for this story is the one and only from the Paper Towns movie, Quentin Jacobsen. Quentin, or "Q" as his friends call him, is the protagonist/narrator of the story. Q has been in love with his neighbor Margo Roth Spiegelman since they were kids but they grew apart as they went through high school and separated into different social groups. Q is an odd and nerdy guy who hangs out with band geeks and tends to overthink things. One day, Margo asks him for a favor and since he idolizes her he says yes in a heartbeat. Things seemed to be going well but Q realized that Margo went missing the next morning and he just ended up heartbroken. Since he feels as if he is the only person who truly cares about her well-being, he becomes occupied by thoughts of decoding secrets she has left behind about her whereabouts. He proves himself to be a caring friend by showing great determination as he searches for a girl who he has only spoken to a few times in years. .
             The first part of my hero's journey was when Margo knocks on Quentin's window at midnight. Margo randomly appears at his window asking for a favor, even though they haven't spoken to each other since they were nine years old. Margo just gets straight to the point and asks Q if he can borrow his car while keeping him in the dark about what she needs it for. Even though Q has his doubts and questions, he willingly accepts the call of adventure and joins Margo on her task. As Q starts to realize what he has got himself into, he wants to refuse the call of adventure since he knows that Margo tends to get into trouble often. Trouble is something that Q is definitely trying to avoid since he wants to make sure nothing stops him from getting scholarships. The acceptance of the call is when Q finally accedes realizing that no one else is helping Margo tonight. Q desperately wants to have the old friendship that they used to have and if things go well, maybe they will have more than just a friendship.

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