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Analysis of The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

             Eliot's 20th-century poem "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," presents the irony of how young men perceive love as something very hard to express and understand while disagreeing to their confusion. The speaker of this poem is the title character, J. Alfred Prufrock. Prufrock is the short way to call this poem, and the composer is not named Prufrock. The author of this poem is T. S. Eliot and the speaker of the piece is Alfred Prufrock. The speaker Prufrock speaks about love in the poem, and how he experiences several crises while attempting to approach the woman he loves. .
             The audience that Prufrock is addressing to in the poem is the woman he loves. It is definitely someone who he has or wants to get into a relationship with. The audience of this piece is not mentioned frequently, but the readers have clues of this woman by knowing details of her clothing and arms. The occasion of this poem is the speaker's love affair with a woman and his journey of approaching her. It is extremely hard for the speaker Prufrock to get close to or express his feelings to the girl he loves and he has to experience countless mental obstacles to meet his goal. .
             The speaker Prufrock's attitude towards his love song is ironic because of the unexpected description of the setting and his surroundings. Instead of having a location that is beautiful and has a joyful mood, the poem takes place at a strange place. Simply put, it happens in a place that would not normally be in a love song. Instead of a calm and lovely town, the setting described in the writing is somewhere bizarre like the deserted streets and mysterious hotel. The speaker has too much on his mind, and he is bewildered on what to express. Due to that fact, he composes verses that are questionable and arbitrary. .
             The tone of the poem can be depicted as scornful, harsh, and self-deprecating. The over-all mood of the poem is gloomy, and this is different from the tone because the mood or the atmosphere is what the literary work creates for the readers.

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