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Formal Analysis of San Giorgio Maggiore

            The facade consists of two overlapping elements: the first one which is the central one is predominantly tall with a pediment which is supported by four Corinthian columns and the second is the wider and lower one. The Corinthian pilasters have framed it from the outer sides. In addition, it has its own broad, lower, triangular pediment which is cut on the top as the two main elements interlock. Two exposed wings of the brick transepts have framed the facade and it is entirely capped by a lead cupola. Moreover, there is a tall vertical element that is the campanile of the church. (R.Goy, 2010, p.434) The dome is higher than the temple gable. It is notable that the material and colour of the white ashlar, red brick and white roofs are in great harmony (Pape.T & Wundram.M, 2008, p.153).
             The ground plan and the design of the interior were elaborate, and considerable precision is evident in their measurements. The design benefits from a perfect harmony, balance, proper proportion and symmetry. And the apparent general influence of the Latin crossed shape basilica with a long transept can be seen in ground plan (Pape.T & Wundram.M, 2008, p.151). The main building shape is a rectangle with the conches added to each side of the crossways. Its long is proportionate with a transverse axis which consists of a nave with three and a half bays and wide side aisles (R.Goy, 2010, p.435).The width of the side aisles are half the width of the main aisle and they continue to the other side of the transept with one more following bay. An extraordinarily long deep choir continuing into a square presbytery finally finishes in an apse.(Pape.T & Wundram.M, 2008, p.154) Besides, the transepts are projected further away from the width of the aisles ending in apses. One more nave bay extends beyond the crossing and attaches to the presbytery(square chancel).(R.Goy, 2010, p.435).
             By entering the building its definitive linear form with its outstanding vivid structure impresses visitors.

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