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Short Story - Overcoming Fear

            I smiled in satisfaction as I stepped out of the library. I had finally managed to locate the sixth book of the Harry Porter series! In my joy at finally being able to borrow the book, I had let out an indiscreet hoot of joy that caused frowns and stares to be aimed at me from all directions. I immediately hastened my way to the librarian's counter, borrowed the book and was soon out of the library and on my way home where I had intended to have a jolly good read. With my bag on my shoulders and the book gripped firmly in my hands, I was in seventh heaven as I envisaged the pleasurable afternoon which lay stretched ahead of me.
             I had just made my way out of the library, through the canteen and was on the path leading towards the school gates when I saw my classmate, Ronald, in front of me. He was sitting by the side of the path with his back towards me. Sensing that something was not right, I made my way over to him, "Hey, Ronald, what's up?" I hailed. Ronald turned, startled. Gasp! I felt my jaw drop and I gasped as soon as I saw his face. There were bruises on his face and his lip was cut and bleeding! "Did you fall?" I asked as soon as I regained some composure. "Come, I'll accompany you to the sick bay." I bent down to pick Ronald's bag up and offered to help him up. However, Ronald did not move. "No, I can't go to the sick bay. I can't tell anybody. They'll know!" Ronald spoke quietly as he looked desperately at me. He hurriedly brushed away tears which had brimmed in his forlorn eyes. .
             "Who?" I asked at once. Ronald may not be my best friend, but he was still a good friend who has been my classmate for the past five years. I was perturb and puzzled by his words and could not simply walk away from him. Looking at Ronald's face, I suddenly felt a wave of indignation surge up in me. "Ronald, if someone is bullying you, let's go tell Mr Ang, "Mr Ang was our form teacher.

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