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An Inconvenient Truth About Waiting for Superman

            Most will agree the public needs an educational system beneficial to all, but many people have different opinions on how this can be done and what a beneficial educational system is. There are groups that say division says privatize education, and another group of people who believe charter-schools are not the solution to this problem. Is it important to give the public an option to what they want or need? This question is something really makes you think and wonder about what the public really needs. This essay will discuss the possibilities and that there isn't a right answer. .
             In the documentary "Waiting for Superman," the public education system is viewed as broken. He dubbed the system as drop-out factories; claiming that children are sent in but aren't given the proper materials or knowledge to complete school. These actions (or lack of actions) lead to a cycle of poverty and crime. In the documentary it is shown that the problem has a solution, also known as charter-schools. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary it is a school that is established by a charter, it is run by teachers, parents, etc., and uses tax money but does not have to be run according to the rules of a city or state. In simple terms it is a type of private school that has way more resources and material that is beneficial to children and their education. It is shown that through longer school days and unique lesson plans Charter-schools showed greater test scores and student graduation rates than your average public school. Although Charter schools seem to be the solution, not everything was shown in documentary. .
             In another documentary "An Inconvenient Truth About Waiting for Superman,' the teacher's union shed some light on the claims made by previous documentary; they reveal the truth behind Charter schools. The studies shown in An inconvenient Truth About Waiting for Superman show that Charter schools have higher test scores because they drop students that perform poorly on standardized tests.

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