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Business Summary -Trader Joe's

             Trader Joe's (TJ) is among the leading companies that offer a wide array of products. In this sense, the products offered are different from those sold in other normal supermarkets. Ideally, the products offered by TJ do not carry national brands, but instead offer a group of food and beverages, in addition to a range of healthcare alternatives. The success of the TJ market has been greatly attributed to various unique business models, which have helped establish the national chain of groceries stores. The organisation's mantra is to provide value and focus on quality products through its warm and dedicated workers. This objective needs a culture that provides assistance to customers and thus able to meet their goals. While it is notable that the growth of TJ has been contributed by various factors that constitute to its strengths, most of these factors are internal and consists of resources, capabilities, and the organisation's core competencies. This paper, therefore, provides a discussion of the internal environmental analysis of the Trader Joe's. Besides, it explores the strength and weaknesses of the organization, and how they affect its operation. .
             Organisational resources can be grouped as either tangible or intangible resources. As in the case of TJ, these resources range include financial, human, physical assets and others. The intangible resources include skills, and culture among others. The strong supply chain network constitutes to its major intangible resource. As a result of this, trader Joe's gets the opportunity to obtain the right resources from the suppliers and customers promptly. As a network, the TJ's suppliers are focused and determined to remain secretive concerning their businesses linkages with the company. In turn, the company provide them with quality and a variety of products branded under the private label of the organisation. Such process establishes a value for TJ because they can obtain these products cheaply as compared to if they sourced them directly to their Trader Joe's competitors.

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