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Utilitarianism and the Death Penalty

            The act of murdering is one of the most heinous acts as well as premeditated murder if an individual is willing to sit back. Moreover, think of ways to take someone's life then they should also think of the back of their minds they will be killed if they kill. If an individual acquires another person against their will whether it be male or female and tortures, rapes, and kills just for their gratification, they also should know that they will be put to death. Serial killers will keep killing no matter what. That is why they need to be put to death so they could never be released in hurt and kill another individual. Child molesters are like serial killers they will never stop molesting children so they should also be put to death. Because when put back out on the streets, they will molest and rape another child so even if they do not kill these children they should still be put to death. Therefore, murder-kidnapping and raping of a child should be sentenced to death because it is our duty as citizens to keep our country safe and show these offenders if you are willing to take a life we are ready to take yours.
             If we use the deontologist theory with capital punishment, it would be a little bit unrealistic to expect consistently good results to come from making a decision according to the practical theory. Everyone wants to be happy and make the right decisions to be happy, but as I said before, that is unrealistic because it is not realistic to make everyone happy. So, in other words, deliberating over what act of a crime should result in death would not be a useful theory with the deontologist theory. That is why we are using the utilitarianism theory because it seems to be a clear and relatively easy principle to apply to ethical problems and to determine the right thing to do in particular cases. .
             Although we all ask a question when someone rapes a child, however, does not kill that child should he/she be put to death? Alternatively, if he/she is put to death does it violate the eighth amendment if we use this type of punishment the answer would be yes.

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