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The Story of Tom Brennan by J.C. Burke

            C Burke starts with a tragic car accident that includes a young driver by the name of Daniel who's had too much to drink, goes too fast and instantly kills two for his friends and leaves his cousin Fin paralysed. This has completed broken toms family and this is shown through this visual representation. Techniques and themes that are used within this visual representation include loss and regret, guilt and insight and growth.
             The accident was a major turning point in the lives of the Brennan family who find themselves having to leave their town Mumbilli and go live with their grandmother in Coghill. Both parents and children struggle to make sense of what is happening in their lives and shock, grief and regret threaten to overwhelm them and shatter their confidence and self esteem. I'm the drawing you can see the sadness on the whole families face as they are dealing with the loss of their son and brother Daniel, who is currently in gaol. The red ute symbolise the loss of their son and the anger they feel with having to leave their home town to live with their grandmother. The ute is also crashed as it symbolises the mistake that Daniel made by drink driving. The faces of the family shows the sadness and loss they feel after losing their son, Daniel. The football field represents the life Daniel and Tom used to be apart of and now they have lost it after the tragic events that have happened recently. Their house is painted yellow as it represents happiness. It is ironic because they are not happy and they are forced to leave their house. As they make their way out of Mumbilli to Coghill the look of despair on their faces shows the loss of the entire life they are comfortable with.
             Guilt is one of the most destructive emotions that members of the Brennan family have to deal with. It impacts their family as they try to deal with the consequences of their sons mistake. In the drawing, you can see that the family has so much pent up guilt that they are forced to leave their town.

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