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Quantitative Research and Analysis

             In helping Nurses elucidate the process of reading a research critically, and decode terminologies analytically in a Quantitative research. It is important to consider various measures while analyzing a particular research. The author of the research must be scrutinized. Their Job qualification must be examined comprehensively. Evaluation of research must be based on its merits rather than its authors. The report title of a quantitative research must be between 10 and 15 words in length with clarified identity of the study purpose. Also, the Abstract of the research study has to be a succinct overview including the information on method, sample selection, size and additionally main findings, conclusions, and recommendations (Valencia, 2016). The research problem must broadly indicate what is to be studied. In the analysis, a logical consistency must be followed whereby the study must have a consistent manner of steps and procedures with a clear link between every step. .
             The literature review should be well stated as it defines and develops the research question. It is also responsible for identification of appropriate methods for data collection. Hence, it should have the capacity of recognizing literature problem gaps and suggest how the filling of the arising problems can be addressed. Additionally, the theoretical framework must be present in research because it provides the conceptual model used as the guide throughout the study. It has to be well explained and very clear to the reader. The aims and objectives or what can be referred to as the research hypotheses are important as well because it forms a link between the initially stated study purpose and how the particular study should be undertaken (Houser, 2012). The sample size must be well formulated because it is the most important factor in the determination of the adequacy of the research. The research design comprises the technical procedures on how a study is conducted.

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