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The Hoarding Compulsion

            Compulsive hoarding also known as just hoarding is the inability to get rid of large amounts of clutter or trash disregarding the amount of value the items have to the point where it can cause unhealthy living conditions, serious injury or death. A person who has been diagnosed with hoarding often become angry or stressed when it is time to part with their items. People who are related to hoarders sometimes have no idea that their loved one is suffering from this disease. Hoarders are good at hiding their mess from the outside. I chose to discuss hoarding because it is a serious condition that some people do not think is real. Most would say "just throw it away," but it is not that simple. I would like to explain the disorder and go into more details about it.
             According to the DSM-5and Abnormal Psychology third edition book, it states six specific criteria that must be met to be able to be diagnosed with hoarding disorder. The first one is, "persistent difficulty regarding or parting with possessions, regardless of their actual value" (p 136). That basically means that, the individual always have had issues with parting with small items or things that outsiders may call useless such as old newspapers or all of their childhood toys. The next criteria is "this difficulty is due to a perceived need to save the items and to distress associated with disregarding them" (p 136). People who have problems with throwing away things when it's time for so, often end up upset and overwhelmed. Some of them feel like apart of them is being thrown away too because they grow attached to their items and often find reasons to try keep them. The third criteria is "the difficulty disregarding possessions results in the accumulation of possessions that congest and clutter active living areas and substantially compromise their intended use. If living areas are uncluttered, it is only because of the interventions of third parties" (p 136).

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